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Drex Hosts Ltd

What is DrexHosts (Drex Hosts Ltd)

Based in the UK, we are a provider of an array of services from Shared Hosting to different type of servers, domain names & SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates.

We have tailored webhosting packages to meet the needs of most, if not all small-medium sized webservices. By investing a small amount, you could have your own online space publically available within minutes.

Our Mission

Affordability, reliability and security are 3 main factors we focus on when providing or services. This includes what we already provide and will add to our family later down the line.

We have, and continue to evaluate our services to ensure you get only the very best.

The Future

When things at DrexHosts have leveled out, we will be adding more and more products we feel our clients & those who have not yet shopped with us are looking for.

We will be continuously shaping our company to be the best that it can be so rest assured, you will receive only the very best experience browsing and communicating with us.


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